We can provide full maintenance for your car, engine, and electronics.

Every car gets fully disassembled and washed in an ultrasonic machine, and then built again from the beggining. RC DOCTORS special oils, grease, and lubes are used to get the best of the car, performance wise. We can replace all worn parts with brand new, and in the end, if needed, we can provide and cut a new bodyshel.

On the engine side, everything is being disassembled and checked. Worn parts as orings, conrods, bearings or piston/liners can be changed with brand new, and the engine can be run in by our crew.

On the electronics side, motor gets disassembled and checked, ball bearings washed and replaced if needed, sensors checked, and after assembly, motor is being checked on the dyno.

Speed Controllers are also disassembled and cleaned if needed, check and replace worn cables if needed, check and replace soldering if needed, and then run some tests and recalibrate.

Every servo is being checked and tested under low and heavy load. If nessessary, it gets disassembled, washed, carefully checked, greased, assembled again. If needed, our crew can replace the servo gears with new.

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