Your racing model car needs maintenance. You are well aware of that. So are we.

Our maintenance packages have been designed to relieve you from any worries you may have relating to the maintenance needs no matter what.

Depending on the type of your car – nitro or electric – we follow our special maintenance standards and analytical guides to ensure that your car is fully rebuilt and restored a high-performance level.

  • Every single part is disassembled and washed in an ultrasonic machine.
  • Special oils, grease and lubes are used for its lubrication.
  • All worn parts are replaced with brand-new ones.
  • A new lexan body can be cut, properly attached to the chassis and painted, so that no further action is required from you.

Nitro cars:

 The engine is totally disassembled. O-rings, conrods, bearings, pistol/liners and every other single part, are all checked and replaced with brand new ones if needed.

Electric cars:

  The motor is totally disassembled. Ball bearings and sensors are all washed, checked and replaced if needed. Following the re-assembling the motor is being checked again on the dyno.

Speed controllers, worn cables, soldering are all checked and cleaned or/and replaced (if needed) before we do the final tests and recalibrations.


Every servo is being checked and tested under low and heavy load. Depending on the outcome of the tests, we do all necessary work to fully restore it, including washing, checking, greasing and re-assembling. Servo gears are also checked and replaced if needed.

Final setup:

Last but not least, we do all necessary final setups – setup station and setups of camber, caster, toe-in etc. Final checks take place until we confirm that your car is fully restored to its previous high performance standards.

With our specialized maintenance services, you will not only take a perfectly maintained car but you will also receive our official report – signed by your dedicated RC Doctors Manager – specifying all the individual checks and work that have been done.


Just contact us.

Your dedicated RC Doctors Manager will talk with you to discuss your maintenance needs and formulate your customized maintenance package.