About Us


You love rc cars, racing and speed. But above all, you love to be the #1 racer who everybody admires.

Let's admit it. As we are racers ourselves, we share the same passions.

We believe that the potentiality of every racer is limitless and can always be extended through training, practice and top quality equipment.

That's why we created RC Doctors.

No matter whether you are a beginner or experienced racer, RC Doctors are here to offer you what it takes to fully unlock your racing potential, offer you a thrilling racing experience and ultimately transform you into the top racer you've dreamt of. All our services have been thoughtfully designed with this purpose in mind.

All our products are tested and selected by champions to serve demanding racers - like you - who are looking only for the best.

Welcome to RC Doctors! Let's start unlocking your racing potential!