CS-Racing Tire Clean Fix, tire cleaner Touring Car -100ml

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The new CS-Tire Clean Fix is ​​a tire cleaner of the latest generation . Up to now, touring car slick tires have mostly been cleaned with conventional industrial brake cleaners . As a result, the rubber was severely and unevenly degreased , leading to hardening, faster tearing and uneven performance .
In addition, the superglue with which the tires are glued to the rims is often dissolved or dissolved. Annoying sticking or a failure in the race is often the case.
With the CS-Clean Fix, an even, gentle cleaning is guaranteed . The rubber is optimal forPrepared for absorption of the adhesive and always keeps the same performance over a longer period of time . Forget any kind of brake cleaner and rely on the gentle and most effective cleaning with the Tire Clean Fix like many others .

» cleans down to the pores and without changing the rubber
» dries immediately and leaves no residue
» protects the tire rubber
» better and more effective than any brake cleaner
» does not dissolve or dissolve superglue
» increases the service life
» uniform performance over several runs
» content 100ml