ENERGY "SPEED" 16% EU ONROAD (4 liters) (white lid)

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"SPEED" - PG004 oil - 8.9%

Quality first


Although Energy Fuel is a new project, the product has already gone through a long pre-production development cycle and is therefore in the highest quality class of R/C racing fuels.


The new formula combines maximum performance with constant lubrication of the engine.


Raw Materials

Pepe Group matter prime

As in any other production process, the raw materials are just as important, if not more important, than the actual formulation and mixing process. That's why we attach great importance to only sourcing the best raw materials from our reliable suppliers.


Research and development

Pepe Group ricerca e sviluppo

Our research and development department is constantly looking for new ideas to meet the daily requirements of our racing team and our customers. This feedback is important for our group to focus on the continuous development process.


Racing soul

Preparazione miscela for modelismo ENERGY Fuel

Energy Fuel has all the properties of a racing fuel. Made from high quality raw materials, the mixing technology in the production process is revolutionary.


The Energy formula was researched for a long time in our chemistry laboratory and refined to perfection after many hours of testing.