Matrix 1:10 touring car D36 tire complete wheel glued asphalt (4) ETS Modified

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Matrix 1:10 touring car D36 tire complete wheel glued asphalt (4) ETS Modified

The pre-glued Matrix D36 tires are high-performance racing tires with a good service life.
These properties make the Matrix tires the perfect product for tough competition, but also for club races and other racing series.
In the ETS, the world's most important electric on-road racing series, the Matrix D36 are also the mandatory tires for the touring car modified class in all outdoor races.

The tires are used in the ETS Modified class (The D36 version has been used in Apeldoorn since ETS RD1 2023).
The tires are glued to a classic white disc rim WITHOUT ETS marking.
This makes it particularly easy to distinguish the tires from the other Matrix asphalt tires (EPA036)!


Here are a few tips about the Matrix D36 tire

It has become clear that the tires are extremely fast when the following factors come together:

  • The track must be clean. The D36 tire is very sticky and therefore particularly susceptible to all kinds of dust.
  • If you have a very clean route, the D36 will be incredibly fast.
  • On a dirty track, however, the tire performs worse than others.


Here are a few tips for achieving the best performance:

  • Many drivers lubricate the tire twice (about 10 minutes apart with constant heating).
  • It is heated with higher temperatures (from 70 degrees up to 80 or 85 degrees)
  • The tire works best when it is “up to temperature”.
  • It has no problem (like other tires) with the classic “overheating” after the first few minutes of racing.
  • The tire collects a lot of abrasion and pickup, and therefore needs to be cleaned properly after every run.

Can I also use the tire in stock classes?

Yes, of course it works, even if the D36 may not be the best tire for stock classes. Small setup changes will be necessary.
It may also be that the lap times with the tire are not faster than before (unlike the Modified class).
This is due to the high traction of the tires at the apex of the curve. This slows down stock cars a little too much. You lose some cornering speed when rolling, so to speak.
Furthermore, it is not always easy to get the tire into the right temperature window in slower stock classes.