Max Power MX 12 MAX XP3 long stroke 2.1cc engine - DLC - Total Black

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New version of the Max Power engine for Pista On / Road car racing in 1/10 scale.
Completely selected and processed by hand by Massimo Fantini.

This engine was developed at the recent competitions held in the world by pilots. It has been improved in various components which now make it a very powerful and fuel-efficient engine.

It is the engine used by Dario Balestri for the 2020 races

. The crankshaft comes from this engine and is a real jewel, it is hand-crafted by Massimo Fantini and then equipped with 2 tungsten balancers, and treated with black "Long Life DLC" .

The cylinder in the WE version has been lowered and machined to improve compression and has a particular 3-port admission system, with special transfer timing to improve delivery and reduce consumption.

The head is of a new type with the new Black / Gold color.
It is then lightened through holes to lower the overall weight of the engine.

The connecting rod is in ultrasound-controlled 7075 aluminum alloy and is of the reinforced type for maximum strength and reliability; the performance of the engine is increased thanks to the lower mass of the moving parts.

The engine cap has been modified to improve internal fluid dynamics.

Technical data:

Displacement: 2,1cc 
Maximum power: 1.75HP 44.800 Rpm
Bore x stroke: 13.70mm x 14.25mm Transfer 
nr. 3
Piston type: CNC
Shaft: 11.9 mm
Shaft type: Tuned, Turbo SG