Mighty Gripper V3 Orange additive (Strongest Grip & Longest Effect Time)

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Mighty Gripper Additives Comparison Chart:
Color Properties Grip Power Sustainability
(of each apply)
Flow Dust Resistance Application Time
(before run)


For High Grip Track:
It has most flowing cornering speed in the very high grip condition.
Weakest Standard Highest Low 3 - 10 min All Rubber tires
All Foam tires


For Tire Preparation:
This has Strongest grip in all Mighty Gripper's line-up.
Strongest Short Low Low 10 sec to 1 min All Rubber tires
All Foam tires


For Oily Track Surface:
This made of oily track and low traction track. Effective for Tamiya and Ride tires.
Medium Strong Long Standard Standard 1 - 5 min All Rubber tires
All Foam tires
Tamiya tires
Ride tires


Most Sharp Handling:
Stock class special. Based on Yellow. Able to add grip for sideways more. Sharpest.
Strong Long High High 3 - 5 min All Rubber tires
All Foam tires


Balance Grip and Flow:
Good to use for high power class. Used of new materials. This has flow and stability together.
Strong Longest High High 3 - 10 min All Rubber tires
All Foam tires


Balance grip and flow:
Good to use for High Power Class. Used of new materials, This had flow and stability together.
Strongest at out door track Longest Standard Highest 1 - 3 min Strongest grip at duty condition. Longest effect at all around.
Cook by tire warmer make additional grip.