RC Car Colors Lexan Spray Cuypers Pink Nr 1009 150ml

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RC Car Colors Lexan Paint Spray 150ml - Cuypers Pink Nr 1009 150ml

The RC Car Colors Lexan colors have been specially developed for painting Lexan bodies in RC model making. Due to the special solvent in the paint, the surface of the bodywork is easily attacked and the paint can bond permanently to the Lexan (polycarbonate). There is no annoying chipping and no scratching, the color remains flexible and elastic - even in a hard crash.

The RC Car Colors Lexan colors are also fuel-resistant, so they can also be used in the nitro area!

In order to achieve a perfect result, the paint should be sprayed on in several thin layers. The best spray distance is about 20cm. The can must always be shaken well before use.

Attention: Do not turn the spray can upside down during use!

Content: 150ml Cuypers Pink