RUDDOG RC215 500W Dual Channel LiPo Battery DC Charger (USED)

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RUDDOG RC215 500W Dual Channel LiPo Battery DC Charger

The RUDDOG RC215 500W Dual Channel LiPo battery DC charger is a compact and powerful charger that allows two batteries to be charged simultaneously with up to 15A charging current. In the combined ASYNC mode, up to 25A is possible. The DC charger can charge and discharge 1 to 6 cell LiHV/LiPo/LiIon, 1 to 16 cell NiMH and 1 to 10 cell lead acid batteries and it works with the use of optional, commercially available 7V to 28V power supplies. A powerful discharge function provides up to 3A discharge current, in recycle mode it is even up to 15A. A 320x240 pixel LC display and a single push-scroll wheel ensure quick and easy operation of the compact charger, which measures just 98x68x35mm and weighs only 220g.

Specifications & equipment details:
Input voltage: 7-28VDC, max. 30A
Battery types: LiHV/LiPo/LiIon 1-6S, NiMH 1-16S, Pb 1-10S
Charging power: 0.1-15A (max. 250W per output in SYNC mode), 0.2-25A (max. 500W both outputs combined in ASYNC mode)
Discharge power: 0.1-3A (max. 12W per output), 0.1-15A (max. 250W per output in recycle mode)
Balancing current: 800mA @2-6S
USB: 2.1A, 5V
Dimensions: 98x68x35mm
Weight: 220g
LC display: IPS 2.4 inch 320x240 pixels
Push scroll button