CA Glue Super Thin

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RC Doctors CA Glue Super Thin 20g 

This is a liquid cyanoacrylate adhesive glue with a very thin viscosity, which makes it easy to apply in harder-to-reach places, penetrating porous surfaces or effectively filling gaps.

It  should be used on porous materials or allowing the glue to soak into its structure. It is also strongly recommended to apply it when the glued surface is levelled horizontally. It  is one of the fastest adhesives and also the fastest drying on the market - most materials will be permanently glued within just 1-3 seconds.

Safety precautions - CA adhesive bonds instantly human skin (and eyes), is highly toxic, and its vapors are harmful to nasal mucosa. The adhesive should not be used by children, unless under the strict supervision of an adult.

The durability of the CA glue depends on the storage temperature. After opening, it is highly reccomended to keep the glue in the refrigerator or other cool place, not exposed to sunlight or other sources of light or heat.